Monday, July 2, 2012

Sunglasses My Perfect Summer Accessory!!!

I LOVE sunglasses!!!! It didnt take much thought for me to think of how to write about this.... Sunglasses are the one staple accessory that I can't live without! They add flare to any simple or extragavent outfit. How do you choose the perfect pair for your face?!?! There are so many options out there and so many occasions how does one choose?! Well for me I try them on and if they look good on my face its a DONE DEAL! I have the black cat "retro" my gold "Michael Kors" and my round black and silver "Dolce and Gabbanas" honestly all of these capture different facets of my personality which I absolutely LOVE!! That is why I cant leave the house without a pair on!! Add some PIZZAZZZZ to the most simplest outfit...Dont leave home without a pair of SHADES! Not only that they protect the eye area from premature aging (fine lines!!) ;)
Beauty Brow Maven Maria Thompson @DamoneRoberts Beverly Hills.



Thursday, June 21, 2012

Summer Is Here......Protect Your skin!!!!

We all love the sun and that sun kissed look on our skin but we should all know by now, too much sun can do major damage to our skin as well as increase the risks of skin cancer!! Vitamin D is great but remember...everything in moderation. Did you know that 90% of changes in aging skin is due to sun damage?!? That is a large percentage!  SPF 30 is the most common and most effective that is recommended by dermatologists. Even if your makeup has SPF I don't believe that is enough. I would apply your moisturizer with SPF first then apply your makeup that contains SPF after. Even on a cloudy day you are still exposed to UV RAYS so don't skip out on that protection! If you have oily or acneic skin and shy away from sunscreen due to breakouts opt for "oil-free" or "noncomedogenic" sunscreen. Gel based formulas are also a great option. Sometimes putting on too much can be the issue with breakouts, so use a dime to nickel size for the face and neck area.

There are so many options on the market to choose from, we carry Innovative Skincare Sunscreen shown below at Damone Roberts Beverly Hills which is a great option!!  You just have to find what best suits you. Have fun this summer but always, always protect your skin!!!                             

Beauty Brow Maven, Maria Thompson @DamoneRoberts Beverly Hills

iS Clinical Sunscreen TUBE SPF 25 - PerfecTint

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

BEACH HAIR......oh the WAVES!!!!!

This is perfect for the girls that have a little wave in their hair and want to take it to the next level. I have slightly wavy hair and there are days when I just  don't have the time straighten every strand! I'm sure there are plenty of you gals out there that can relate. Well here is the solution....not only is it always in season in Spring and Summer, but looks effortless and gives you a BREEZY type of vibe. :) I like to look effortless at times.... and its a great way to change up your look. Here are steps that I do to achieve this look. There are no rules as long as you get to the same end hair result!!

1. I find this style looks best on second day hair....(meaning the day you skip your shampoo)

2. On dry hair I'll spritz a little bit of water to give it just a tiny dampness mainly on the ends.

3. I then use TRESemme FLAWLESS CURLS EXTRA HOLD MOUSSE (a great find in my V.I.P. bag at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week NY) I had never used TRESemme prior to this, but I will say I love the products! I do a scrunching & fluffing motion as I have the dryer on with a diffuser.

4. Next TIGI BEDHEAD HEADRUSH is applied as I'm still scrunching. This tames the frizzes but gives me that boost of shine. Its the perfect combo for those natural waved tresses 

5. The process is complete and you are out the door!! The total time is 5-10 minutes tops! Cant beat that for a girl or long haired guy on the GO!

You can use any products you prefer to get the same results. There are many Beach hair products on the market as well. Do what works for you. Its your hair...have FUN with it!!  Beauty Brow & Facial Maven, Maria Thompson XOXO

You can book with me at  for eyebrows, skin, makeup and body waxing services at the (Beverly Hills Location)

                                                       Me with "BEACH HAIR" :)

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Hair Removal.....WAX ON.....WAX OFF!!

The warm weather is here and its time to bare all of that SKIN!!! How will you bare it all?!?! There are so many decisions out there from the old fashion way of shaving, to laser hair removal and of course one of the most popular WAXING. You can literally be waxed from head to toe. Facial waxing, ears, back, chest, underarms, arms, bikini, Brazilian, half leg, full leg even down to the little hairs on toes or feet....yesss some people have that as well. Whatever method you choose is each persons own preference but I am here to talk about the "WAXING WAY" of doing things. This is the method I do and what we use here at Damone Roberts Salons in Beverly Hills and in what we do in our New York Location. If you normally shave at least have 3 weeks of hair growth for your first visit or at least 3/4 of length. This is important as you want the hair to be pulled from the root and not broken off. Avoid tanning at least 24 hours prior as the skin can get irritated. Here are some of the benefits from waxing.....

1. Waxing can exfoliate the skin, when removing the hair it also removes that layer of dead skin revealing brighter skin.

2. More time in between hair growth.

3. With time the hair will grow less and appear more fine.

4. Less irritation as far as bumps and in grown hairs.

Here are some price points to give you an idea of costs: Full Face $50+, Underarms$25, Legs $45-$75+, Chest$50+, Back$50+ Bikini45+, Brazilian$70. Prices can vary depending on the amount of hair and length of time per appointment.
The results of growth varies from person to person as hair grows in different stages.
Most people rebook every 3-4 weeks for their next appointment
For post care make sure to use "Aftercare" products such as Tonic 86 (which we carry here at Damone Roberts), Tend Skin, or an Azulene oil. These are antiseptic, antibacterial mild exfoliating liquids that prevent and correct ingrown hairs.

*ALWAYS GO TO A REPUTABLE ESTHETICIAN/WAXER!!!!!* Come see me if you are in the BEVERLY HILLS area at Damone Roberts Salon. Until then.........HAPPY WAXING!!
Beauty Brow & Skin Maven, Maria Thompson :)

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Wedding Season Is In Full Swing!!!

Your "WEDDING DAY" one of the most important days in a girls or guys life! :) It can be such a joyful day but lets be honest, all the preparation before can be a little stressful!! I decided to write my blog on the preparation that takes place on your beauty emphasis prior to a wedding. I am all too familiar with this as I have worked on and with many brides in my profession. Lets talk about the "PREPPING." A girl (or guy) always wants to look their very best on that special day. With all the other costs that go into wedding planning this can be another big piece of that pie! I do and cover most of the beauty deeds so I can speak first hand and give you some tips or ideas that you may or may not have thought of.  Lets begin....... Your hair, if you don't already have a great hairstylist going by referral is a great way to finding one. You can always find someone through the Internet if all else fails. I recommend having a clear vision of what you want to look like on your special day. Cut out pictures of people who resemble you..... your hair color, skin tone in bridal magazines or beauty magazines. A lot of people make the mistake of finding pics that are totally opposite of what they are and in the end not happy with the results. Find pictures that are true to you and realistic. You can find  many hair and make up ideas this way and have something to present to your hairstylist and makeup artist. You should always do  a "run-thru" of your look so that you are happy with the outcome or if needed, make any changes prior to your day. I see most client at least 3 months prior for makeup run thru. Here are some other important steps in prepping.

1. FACIALS- I would start this process 6-8 weeks prior if you are targeting acne or pigmentation issues. A series of peels would help this process. If your skin is overall in good standing you can do a couples week out or the week of. I do a fabulous "Pumpkin Enzyme Peel" here at Damone Roberts that gives the skin a glow and smooths texture for makeup. Great prior to pictures or video!!

2. WAXING- If laser hair removal is not an option I would get a rhythm of waxing going at least 2 months prior. This includes face, legs, arms, underarms, and bikini area. If you are new to bikini or Brazilian waxing it is important to have a few sessions under your belt to avoid major irritation prior to your big day. This does not happen often but always best to be safe if you are new to waxing or haven't waxed in a while.

3. EYEBROWS- If you have sparse eyebrows or are recovering from a bad brow job it is important to find an experienced brow artist ( like myself) or in your area to transform your brows for your wedding day. Also getting your hands on the right tools such as "BROW GAIN" to help the growth process if needed. Your eyebrows are important as they are the backdrop for your face.

All of these services can be done by me here at DAMONE ROBERTS SALON BEVERLY HILLS or on location(makeup/eyebrows) if you are in the Los Angeles Area  or traveling here. I do not do hair styling but can also recommend people. These services if done in series can also be worked out in packaging upon request. Where ever you are make sure you find a person with experience! But most of all when all is said and done ENJOY your special day!! XOXO Maria Thompson


Thursday, March 22, 2012

How to fake the "GLOW" without the DAMAGE!

The nice weather is fast approaching!! We have all been hibernating all winter season and our skin is missing that sun kissed look. Well we all should know by now that too much sun can be bad for our skin... everything in moderation is key!! We also know that tanning beds can cause major damage as well. First off, I believe you should always always wear a daily SPF regardless of skin complexion. This will protect from all free radicals in our environment. For women even though most makeup contains SPF I still believe in doubling up especially for those who live in climates that are warmer. I prefer an SPF of 20 or above. So now back to basics, how can we achieve that effortless healthy glow without all the DAMAGE. There are now more options to get that glow, through airbrush tanning, self tanning cremes, and self tanning wipes. There are also great make up bronzers on the market if you are just wanting to target the face area. Here are some steps to follow prior to getting your GLOW.

1. Make sure that you exfoliate your entire body and face. I like to do it the night before so there are no streaks on the body once the tanner is applied.

2. If you shave or wax I believe you should also do that the day prior so that your skin is fresh. (This also is a form of exfoliation on the skin.)

3. The morning of make sure you are showered. Do not put on any form of moisturizer or body lotions. Doing this causes the tan not to hold as long. Unless its given to you by the establishment where you are being sprayed or the tanner them selves. You want the tan to be applied directly to the skin as it will last longer.

4. If you are going in an airbrush booth or having someone airbrush you personally you have the option of wearing a swimsuit or in your "birthday suit" whatever you are most comfortable in is best.

5. In general, an airbrush tan can last up to 5-7 days depending on the individual.

6. Do a search for top airbrushing in your area.

7. If you are using bronzing powders for face, use on key areas where the sun hits. Temples, forehead, bridge of nose,  apples of the cheeks, chin and you can lightly dust the jaw line. When using a bronzer remember that less is more. I will also dust on my neck and decollete area, making sure that everything is well blended1

HAPPY GLOWING!!  XOXO  Beauty Brow Maven @DamoneRoberts Beverly Hills                          


1. Jergens Natural Glow (Super Cheap)

2. Clarins Liquid Bronze Self-Tanner for the Face (Average Price)

3. L'Oreal Sublime Glow for the Body (Cheap)

4. Laura Mercier Bronzing Gel for the Face (Average Price)

5. Clarins Radiance-Plus Self Tanning Cream-Gel for the Face (Steep)

6. TanTowel Self-Tanning Towelettes (Average Price)

 7. gloSheer Tint Base Bronzing Gel

8. VS MakeupLoose Bronzing Powder

9. Red Carpet Kolour Luminous Body Glow - Tan 

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

What Is YOUR Purpose??

I know I have been writing about different beauty finds but I was praying and through prayer I was  inspired to write about what your TRUE PURPOSE in life is. I wanted this to be reflected onto the work that I do which is very close to my  heart. I find that being in the beauty business is very rewarding but can also be very competitive! A little competition can be great and very thriving for a business as long as the key players are striving to be their best at what they do and are not  hurting others in the process. What I mean by that is, that your "INTENTIONS" are in a good positive place and not from jealousy or "EGO!" If there is something that you admire from another person I think its great to ask questions about that persons journey which can be very helpful in the learning process! The key is not to envy or want to be that other person but to look within YOURSELF and find that unique special thing about you that can truly shine. Life is too short to be unhappy, and trust me in your lifetime and mine everyone has experienced a down or sad time. How can you learn from those experiences and turn your life or perception around. How can you relate this to your business?? Tap into your strengths and push those forward. That alone will get you on the right path and doors will start to open for you. It is also very VITAL to stay away from negative energy! Not everyone has your best interest, so be smart about who you listen to or reveal any information to. Not saying that you shouldn't be friendly but stay focused on what you are at work to do. If you have been in a business where you have a clientele, how do you rejuvenate that business? You can network at functions within your industry or any industry for that matter. If you have long existing clients let them know you appreciate them by maybe adding a quick little add on that does not take a  lot of time or do it at gratis to show them you VALUE them. Implement a discount referral system. That is another way of making your regular clients feel valued and appreciated. The main thing that I have found is to truly be passionate about what you do...if you aren't, maybe its time to see if you are in the right career choice. Life is too short here on Earth! Wouldn't you rather be spending your time inspiring people through your work because you love it so much! I have put in my dues and continue to put in my dues as I know my dream continues to come to fruition and is taking me to a higher level. So ask yourself truly "What Is Your Purpose?" and from that answer you will begin to be on your path. Thank you for reading and many blessings!! XOXO Beauty Brow Maven(Maria Thompson) @Damone Roberts Beverly Hills